I had couple of jobs to do on the Sunshine Coast, an hour and a half north of Brisbane, so I decided to not waste the travel time by making it into more of an adventure. Once I’d finished installing the signs, I drove inland through superb country, green hills and thick forests. At Woodford, I stopped to buy a bag of firewood for ten dollars, a wine and some dinner before heading in to the wild. The first campsite I checked out, Archer Camp Ground in the D’Aguilar National Park, had been infested with a school group of about forty kids housed in as many small colourful tents. Just down the road, and into more reasonable phone coverage, I found a large private campground along Neurum Creek called Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, and while the price for me to camp was nineteen dollars (one person/one tent, unpowered compared to $6.15 at Archer), it was a wonderful setting, with great facilities sprawled over enough space to feel like you’re on your own – but it was a week day. As well as the nature on display – there’s bush walks and a platypus pool to try to see the shy little guys – there’s also a camp shop, amenities, rental gear and even kid’s entertainment in the holidays, a time when I imagine it would fill up.

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