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Planning a Microadventure

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” …said LaoTzu, a popular blogger from China, and I’m convinced he was talking about microadventures. I mean, isn’t everyone these days? “So Jim, how do we start to microadventure?” is a question I imagine people asking several times a day …and it is a good…

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The Rules

The idea behind microadventures has been quite well documented – a way to look at the world differently, break out of our everyday routines, learn new skills and to appreciate stuff that we may have overlooked. They’re a passport to freedom. …so I’ve come up with a set of rules. From Alistair Humphreys… “…small and…

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Who really created Microadventures?

What is a Microadventure? Who really created Microadventures? Alastair Humphreys is a serious adventurer. His website casually lists that he has cycled around the world, walked across India and rowed the Atlantic, but read further and that’s just a tip of the iceberg …an iceberg he probably climbed, circumnavigated and sailed around Cape Horn. The story…

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City Cycle Pub Crawl – why not?

First City Cycle Pub Crawl -April 20 2016. My brother-in-law Geoff and I discovered the incredible City Cycle scheme. Modelled on London’s Boris Bikes, one can acquire a 24 hire hour pass for the outrageous sum of two dollars. There is no other expense IF you have your bike for less than thirty minutes at…

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